Conkles Hollow

My trip around the rim of Conkles Hollow started with a early morning drive before the sun came up in hopes to arrive and capture the sun as it began to rise over the tree line.

Arriving in the parking lot I began to wonder if I came to early, it was cold, dark and I had never been here before. From my research I knew that I would be hiking around a rim that had sheer cliffs with no protection from taking a dive straight down. This had me a bit concerned as I started up the trail but I knew that if I took it slow and used some common sense all would be okay. I also knew this was a place that I wanted to explore, so began my journey!


Hiking up the trail to reach the top didn’t seem to require to much effort but I can tell you that if you are doing it in the dark, beware of the roots and loose rocks that you’ll be traveling over.

Once I got to the top the beauty began to reveal itself. While still fairly dark out, the sun was rising and I was able to see much better.

Not one for heights, I was a little apprehensive about moving to the edge but there was something about this place that made it okay. I didn’t get that funny feeling in my legs like I usually do. I think I was to caught up in the beauty of the area to even give it to much thought.

Ever so slowly the sun began to peak up over the edge of the trees and splash color across the gorge.


I knew that I wanted to find the perfect spot to perch myself on a ledge and set up my tripod and camera. Scanning ahead, I saw a promising spot, I picked up the pace to reach my destination.

This was it, the perfect spot! I scrambled to set up my camera gear and then I just sat, watching the sunlight make its way across the tree tops, illuminating the colors that were previously hidden by the darkness. I don’t know if I could ever put the feeling into words, watching nature provide a moment in time for me to capture forever. Waiting, patiently, watching, peacefulness, solitude…There really are no words and if you’ve ever experienced it, you know!

Valley of Souls

Misty Valley

I was privileged that mother nature allowed me to experience this moment, grateful to be here at the right time, for me.

I’ve often wondered from a photographers viewpoint, when do you know that you’ve captured that photo you were looking for? That special moment? In hindsight I can see that it was right here, right now. When all the elements come together, that feeling you get of natures perfection. If you’re lucky, you capture that special moment with that feeling locked into the photo. I don’t know that it’s something you realize when pressing the shutter, or maybe it’s something I’m not completely tuned into yet, but I do know that I want more experiences like these!

Instinctively knowing that it was time to move on, I packed up my gear and began to explore the rest of the trail. I was in awe most of the trip, catching glimpses across the gorge of the places that I sat or walked by. Really amazed that I was actually that far up and didn’t freak out, over 200 feet!

Sitting here writing this, I have to say that if you’ve never been here make plans to visit this wonderful place in Ohio!

As for me I think I’m going to leave this place as it is. An awesome memory!

I don’t want to go back and have an experience less than this one. Kind of like a memory from childhood of a place or thing that you remember but when you go back it’s less than what you expected.

See ya on the trails!

If you’re interested in owning a piece of this time and place, please visit the “Shop” link above and help support my travels with a print of some of the photos above.

Thank You!

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conkles hollow map
Goggle Maps Conkles Hollow


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