Blackhand Gorge by Bicycle

Since my last trip here, Kayaking, I’ve been wanting to come back and explore the trail by bicycle. Seeing this was my first outing for the year I was excited to go explore and I loaded up my Camera, GoPro and Mountain Bike!

I decided to park at the far west parking lot, the same place I launched my Kayak from last summer, and begin my ride here. The parking lot was empty at 7:30am, just the way I like it.

I’ve been to both ends, hiking parts of the trail and Kayaked all the way down the Licking River but this was my first time following the entire trial from beginning to end.


I love getting an early start so that I can enjoy my surroundings in silence, before anyone else gets out. There’s just something about the solitude that brings a peacefulness to my heart.

Within the first fifteen minutes of the trip I was riddled with dead batteries on my GoPro and made a new discovery too. If I drove a little further down the road and took a left onto Brushy Fork Rd. I would have discovered the paved parking lot instead of the gravel lot I parked in.


Next time I’ll park here to avoid the Broken Bottles, T-Shirts and Boots that someone left behind. It’s sad that some people just don’t have any respect for nature and leave trash behind like this.Trying to not dwell on the negative, I pushed on putting that behind me.

I can tell you that at 7:30 in the morning things were a bit chilly but I was loving the surroundings.

Nature is truly something that always leaves me in awe every time I venture out. I think it’s the combination of natural formations, the silence, wildlife and the history of our journey in time through this world that fascinates me. I honestly can’t seem to get enough of it!

I love that they have the plaques along the trail with older photos and the history of the area. The name Blackhand originated from a dark hand-shaped Indian petroglyph which was engraved on the face of a massive sandstone cliff along the north side of the river. The engraving was destroyed in 1828 when canal builders dynamited the cliff face, during construction of the Ohio-Erie Canal, which runs through the gorge.

How cool is it to ride or walk through areas like these while trying to image those that came before us and what their life was like during that time.

I also found it pretty cool that they had a couple bike locking stations for if you wanted to venture out on the trails hiking. Animals and Biking is allowed but not off of the paved areas.


Imagine the history of all the glass bottles that are out in the world right now that came from this place. Things that you don’t even think about.

After about only two hours I explored a new place, one that I had been to before, but I’m still discovering. I feel that I need to make another trip here, maybe just hiking the back trails looking for new things and defiantly some more Kayaking!

I also made a complete video of my ride, approx. 26 mins. long. If your interested in watching it please click on the Link below. It will take you to my YouTube Channel so that you can watch.


Interested in checking out a more in depth analysis of this trip. Check out the link below for my Garmin Connect details.


For a Map of the Area Please click the Image below.

Coordinates for the West end parking lot: 40.05967 -82.28791


For a full description of the area check out Wikipedia






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