Northern Ohio

Continuing on from The Cuyahoga Valley National Park from my last story I wanted to venture up north and visit a place called Prayers for Maria and shoot a few images of the beautiful sunflowers that I see posted all over the internet. As life would have it I was early buy a week or so and they hadn’t bloomed yet, but I wasn’t going to let that throw the rest of my day off and decided to turn the afternoon into a Drive and Shoot kinda day.
Drive and Shoot is where I just load up the vehicle with all my camera gear and let the days scenery guide me around. No place to go in particular, but I might have an idea of a direction I want to travel, that’s all, just drive around and look for interesting areas that I’ve never been to and capture images with my camera. Sometimes that might be a mile from my house, but like today that could be several hundred miles away. No sense of time and no rushing to get anywhere, just go explore.
My choice for the rest of today was to drive to Lake Erie and just follow the water line. Visit the small towns and see where that leads me.
Lake Erie Plaque
After driving through tons of traffic and trying to keep my composure I rolled into a town by the name of Huron. What caught my eye was a few ships that were docked and I just found them interesting. Parking I jumped out with my camera and snapped a few photos.
I liked how they appear to be sitting on dry land from this vantage point when i fact they were actually docked on a small river. Theirs something about ships, boats and water that just attracts me.
Moving on from the City of Huron I ended up driving to Lakeside Marblehead and decided to check out the Lighthouse.
MarbleHead Lighthouse
Theirs something to be said about the breeze flowing in off of the water, the sound of the waves, no matter how big or small that just brings a feeling of tranquility over me. You get lost in watching the boats race by and the people walking around enjoying the scenery.
If you would like to learn more about the history of the lighthouse visit this link here:
Marblehead Lighthouse
As my day was ending I walked around some more and came upon a couple Sunflowers. It’s funny that I began this journey with the intent of capturing photos from a field of sunflowers and this is what I saw right before I decided to go home. Life doesn’t disappoint sometimes, it just gives you a different view if you choose to keep your eyes open!
My Sunflower!

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