Diving at Circleville Dive Center

Returning to the place that I received my diving certification and meeting my sister Samantha here for our first dive together after a year was like coming home and very relaxing to me. A sense of excitement and anticipation was building as I drove from Columbus to get here.
Getting all my gear ready and charging my batteries for my GoPro the night before I was ready to do some exploring this time around and get a lot of diving in. Planning on getting some good video I picked up a Greenwater Filter from Backscatter for my GoPro.


This Filter is best for freshwater and helps color correction. Which in turn makes for better video.
I also had been thinking of picking up a new wetsuit so while I was at the diveshop I splurged and picked up an Aqualung.



Gear all laid out and ready, it was time to suit up and get in the water. The temperature outside was in the low 90’s and I was ready!


The freedom of weightlessness while your underwater and the only sound is the sound of your breathing puts you in a trance like state even though you are fully aware of everything around you. There really is nothing like it!
On this day we dove three times and explored everything we could find with water temperatures in the low 80’s, it was a dream. Good conversation in between dives with my former instructor who was giving a rescue course class and quality time with family, what more could you ask for!
My wife Debbie on the Left and my sister Samantha on the right enjoying the day!

We got some really cool photos and video from our dive too.

With that I will leave you to enjoy the full video of our exploration I hope you enjoy and thanks for watching!

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