Hoover Reservoir

A little late for this year but better late than never. It was my first day out on the water and God how I missed it.
After loading up all my gear my journey began with a 38 mile drive up to Hoover Reservoir located north of Columbus, Ohio; just outside of Westerville. Finding the perfect spot to put in took some investigating using Google maps. Thinking that the location would be accurate because I did use Google was a mistake. I was actually led to the middle of a housing development, not a good place to launch a boat! 🙂 After driving around for awhile I was able to locate the correct launch site.


 I figured the north end of the lake would be a good place to start because in looking at the map I could see a lot of small islands that I could paddle to and explore.


Excited to get out on the water I unloaded all my gear and parked the vehicle in the lot. Water was warm, sun was out and I’m in a new location. Time to get to exploring!
I paddled out to the right of the boat launch and began my new adventure already wet an full of enthusiasm. Finding a little spot to beach the boat I got out on shore and took some photos to start things off.


Not sure why I always do that but I suppose the first photo of my kayak in the water always signifies the beginning of my paddling trip.
Paddling around the lake I found a lot of small islands with birds resting on their shores. It’s funny how I think of them as small islands when in fact their just small clumps of dirt above water level with some trees and bushes on them. I must be thinking of the Bahamas or something, one can dream I suppose.


Next I came across some trees growing straight out of the water, reminding me of the marshes in some far off land. I paddled in and around the trees looking for a nice shady spot to snap off a few photos. It still amazes me how the simplest things can make me smile and send me off to dream land.


After following some geese around into a little cove and watching them clean their feathers I paddled down to the bridge and made my way around another island before I decided to begin my return trip. Wanting to make my trip longer, but not going out to far for my first time out this year I paddled out into the middle of the lake and just stopped. I laid back on my kayak, propping my head up with my life jacket…arms and feet in the water and just relaxed. I must have just laid there for about an hour bathing in the sun watching the countless kayaks and paddle boarders go by, so relaxing, thinking of nothing but splashing water on myself to stay cool in the hot sun and if someone might think I was dead just laying there. 🙂 This was the life!
There’s really nothing like being out on the water without a care in the world just relaxing.  I feel a return trip to this lake coming real soon!
Till next time!



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