Rockbridge Hike

Located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio, Rockbridge State Nature Preserve was my next destination. I’ve wanted to do this hike for over a year now and I finally got my chance. Last time I attempted to go I couldn’t find it, but it was a last minute idea and I really didn’t prepare for it. Thinking it was located in Rockbridge, Ohio I though I could just roll into town and find it, not! If you’ve never been here before the location is just off of 33 on Dalton Rd. easy to drive past if you’re not looking for it. Driving from the North the exit is on the left side of the highway.
Rockbridge Trail-head
The hike is a 2.8 mile long looped trail with a variety of terrain, from a wooden covered trail to roots and some elevation.
Seeing that I am still new to hiking this one really had the arches of my feet hurting pretty bad. As you hike the first leg of the trail there is a bench that you can take a break if you need to at the top of the hill. Branching off to the left and the right I opted to take the right trail and come back up the other side.
The gift at the end is the Rockbridge, spanning more than 100 feet long and about 10 to 20 feet wide, stretching 50 feet across a ravine with a waterfall that flows under it.
Spending about an hour here I explored and found that if you continue down the trail past the bridge you’ll find the Hocking River and it looks like you could actually Kayak to this same location from somewhere up the river. Once I look into this a bit more I might plan a trip.
Enjoying the time spent in the woods I really love just photographing interesting things. The beauty of nature and the peace it brings.
After the hike I went in search Of some good food. If you continue South from here on 33 and make a left onto 664 you’ll find The Olde Dutch Restaurant. I can not recommend it enough, some of the best cooking in the area and as a bonus after your done eating you can walk around the craft mall and flea markets that are here too.
A little farther down 664 towards Logan, Ohio just before you cross the bridge on the left side you’ll find “Falls Mill Hocking River Access” I parked here and went for a walk under the bridge to find a nice relaxing spot to reflect on my day and listen to the water.
There’s so much to do in this area of Ohio you couldn’t possible do it in a day. People come from around the world to visit and take in the sights. Be inspired and make a trip here!


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