Moonville Tunnel

Always looking for someplace a little different and off the beaten path I decided to explore Moonville Tunnel this time around. Located in Vinton County, Ohio the drive for me was about 65 miles from my home and made for a nice day out and about. I’d heard that the location was “haunted” and read up on the stories and I knew I wasn’t going to see anything but I figured it would make for an interesting hike.
All the snow had melted and I knew it was going to be muddy out on the trails but I kind of liked that idea, almost as if I was going out to play like a kid and I knew I was going to get muddy. I wasn’t wrong the access road is out in the middle of nowhere and I’m actually surprised my GPS was able to keep signal. Because of all the melting snow lots of the creeks had risen and caused flooding but how could I let that stop me. About a mile out I came across a washout, the fun begins!
Flooded Road
Not long after, I arrived at the trail head. Not much for parking here that’s for sure, more like just pull over in the mud where you can and hope for the best.The trail head is marked with a sign so I figured this was it.
Trail Head
Since this was my first time here I wasn’t really sure where the tail went but I definitely could see that the hike was going to be fun. As I said, I did a little  reading before I came out and I knew that the trail followed the creek bank but seeing as the creek was overflowing there really wasn’t any trail to follow. I just decided to go for it. There is another access point further up the road, just over the bridge, but because of water levels I was forced to go this way.
The hike wasn’t really that far, maybe a half of a mile, but it did take a little time to get there because of flooding. The challenge was to not fall into the Creek!
 Once you work your way up the creek you can see that the trail branches off to the left and over a little embankment lies the Tunnel. I made it without falling in!
As you can see most of the tunnel is loaded with graffiti from several talented artists and some not so talented.
On this hike I also brought my new Drone in the hopes that I could capture some video too. Turned out to be a pretty good flight and I got some footage but what I hadn’t considered was that wind would flow through the tunnel causing my drone to be pushed all over the place. After a few crashes and some cleaver video editing once I got home, I was able to come up with decent video of the area. It can be viewed here: Moonville Tunnel Drone Video
All and all it was a really good time just getting away from the house and exploring a place I have never been, but that’s what its all about right? See you on my next journey! Oh, and by the way, I didn’t see any Ghosts! 🙂
If your interested in the history of Moonville Tunnel take a look at this site, it has some really good information. Moonville Tunnel


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