Old Mans Cave

After many years of wanting to hike the Old Mans Cave area in the snow I finally got my chance. Turns out that the day I choose to go was one of the worse snow days we had this year but I’ve never had the sense to let weather stop me from doing anything.
After a slow, icy drive of about 40 miles to the entrance of the park I arrived at about 8am. No one but park rangers plowing the parking lot in sight, perfect. Time to gear up and hit the trails.
Parking Lot
The descent was truly breath taking as I observed the small waterfalls and really took in the silence around me, only the sound of flowing water to follow me as I hiked through the canyon.
The Descent
The Descent
There’s really nothing like solitude in such a grand place, feeling small in your surroundings puts things in perspective for me. The ability to focus solely on everything around you without distraction, fully engrossed in the moment.
A View from Below
I spent about four hours this day, wandering around with nothing but my camera taking in my surroundings and enjoying the escape from the everyday hustle of the world. Listening to the water cascade over the various falls that are here. Watching the snow fall, building up on the branches of the trees until they could not longer support the weight and a mini blizzard would come crashing down.
The Gorge
In the Gorge
As I slid around on the man made paths trying to capture the perfect moment with my camera, time seemed to slip away, no more worries or thoughts of what life had in store for me next. I was just here, alone in my own little world, it was perfect.
As we travel through our lives we find moments that take our breath away and leave us with a sense of peace, a capture from a moment in time that reminds us of the true beauty in the world.
Sometime those moments happen upon us; sometimes we have to seek out those moments.
No matter how we discover these times in our lives, stop, enjoy them for as long as you can and share them with as many people as possible.
If you ever get the chance to to go here on a weekday in the middle of a snowstorm, don’t think twice, go do it and make sure you get there early!
Old Mans Cave is located in the Hocking Hills region of Ohio

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